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Subscription Management for Controllers

Streamline your workflow so you can focus on high-impact work.

In just 45 seconds, you can process sales orders into complete, GAAP-compliant records with customers, contracts, transactions, revenue and invoicing schedules. Invoices can be automatically scheduled and sent, and interactive accounts receivables (A/R) aging reports help you easily scale dunning messages for effective collections that reduce your outstanding A/R balance by up to 50 percent with as little as 15 minutes per month.

With SaaSOptics, you avoid bottlenecks and breaks in financial integrity, allowing you to spend less time on reactive and tedious work and more time driving financial operations excellence through analysis and proactive A/R management.

Get Out of Spreadsheets and Get Rid of Headaches

SaaSOptics eliminates frustration from manual processes and helps ensure your revenue recognition is always accurate. Safeguard against churn from missed renewals by entering renewal terms, including future uplift and adjustments in invoice line items on future transactions. You get days back each month that you can reinvest in streamlined collections or in running subscription analytics to monitor and stay ahead of trends in your subscription revenue.


Streamlined order processing, contract changes and revenue recasting that saves you days of time each month

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Enter automatic renewals, renewal rules and reminders to ensure recurring revenue never falls through the cracks

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Automatic invoice scheduling, e-invoicing, customizable templates and email tracking that improve the effectiveness of your billing workflow


Leverage interactive A/R aging reports, dunning emails, collections workflows and escalation paths to save time and improve your runway

Ready to start modernizing your financial operations?

What our Customers are Saying

More than 450 B2B SaaS and subscription-based businesses trust SaaSOptics to modernize their financial operations.

“With SaaSOptics, we’re able to bring our clients a much higher level of service and intelligence so they are no longer making decisions in the dark. They are making informed decisions and in most cases, for the first time in the business. It’s pretty powerful.”

Ben Robinson
Managing Partner

“SaaSOptics has pulled SaaS revenue recognition out of the dark ages! Accurate revenue recognition and other critical metrics such as MRR can now be generated in real time.”

Eric Rosenberg
Sr. Manager - Financial Planning & Analysis

“We know how SaaSOptics can impact business decisions and fundraising. Most importantly, I trust the data in SaaSOptics, the executive team trusts it, the board trusts it, auditors trust it, and investors trust it.”

Amar Shrivastava
Vice President Finance

“One of the most important things we’ve done is take a strategic, long-term view of our finance operations. SaaSOptics has taken the headache out of running much of the finance operations of our SaaS business and will be an important part of our future growth and success.”

Mark Pocock
Chief Financial Officer

“With SaaSOptics, I have a reliable method for computing and tracking revenue and deferred revenue, and also fantastic metrics I can use to understand our business as we grow. It’s really working great for us! Plus the support is fantastic.”

Dawn Crew
Director of Finance