SaaSOptics Pricing

SaaSOptics is a complete subscription management platform for your growing B2B SaaS or subscription business.

Our license fee is based on your trailing 12 months revenue and is billed upfront annually. Your fee is fixed during each term and adjusts at your renewal date based on your new trailing 12 months revenue. We grow with you from pre-revenue to over $100M in revenue.

Core Features

Order and Renewal Management ✓ Create customers, contracts, transactions, revenues and invoices 
✓ Manage upgrades, downgrades, co-terms and contract changes
✓ Generate renewal transactions (automatic or manual)
Revenue Recognition
and Reporting
✓ Over 26 GAAP-compliant revenue recognition methods
✓ Auto deferred revenue management calculations and reporting
✓ Support for milestone-triggered revenue recognition scenarios
Subscription Billing
and e-Invoicing
✓ Flexible billing schedule creation
✓ Fully customizable invoice themes
✓ Email engine for in-app e-invoicing
Payments and
✓ Click-to-pay from e-invoices
✓ Record payments and sync to your general ledger
✓ Collections, dunning and AR aging management
SaaS Performance
Metrics and Analytics
✓ Subscription momentum (ARR/MRR)
✓ Churn and retention rates
✓ Customer lifetime value (CLV)
✓ Cash projections
✓ Cohort analysis 
Dashboards and
Financial Reporting
✓ Role-based dashboards
✓ GAAP revenue recognition and deferred revenue reporting
✓ Audit-ready revenue performance reporting
Admin and
Customer Support
✓ 24/7 operations, upgrades and enhancements
✓ Unlimited admin, bookkeeper and reports users
✓ US-based support from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET

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Optional Add-ons and Integration Connectors

For an additional fee, you can integrate business-critical applications into your SaaSOptics account.

Note: Multi-currency management is optional for US-based pricing and is included in international pricing.

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Onboarding: Operational Setup and Data Migration

In addition to the SaaSOptics base subscription, our implementation service means you can quickly adopt SaaSOptics as your system-of-record for revenue recognition and reporting. We strive to have customers fully implemented and running SaaSOptics in 4-6 weeks.

There are multiple options for implementing SaaSOptics. A SaaSOptics representative will consult with you on the best option based on the complexity of your data, your timeline and your budget.

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