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Metrics and Analytics

Formula Errors Be Gone

React confidently to board inquiries in two clicks not two days.

Access 100s of predefined, proven metrics and formulas.

Overview Video

1 Minute of Executive Summary, 1 Minute of Process, and 5 Minutes of Screens.

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In-Depth Demo Video

This video covers role-based dashboards and how simple they are to build and customize.

It also reviews a number of financial reports and important subscription business metrics.

What Customers Say:

Analytics that Investors and Bankers Love

  • A Week is Too Long to Respond to Investors
  • Create New Reports and Dashboards in Seconds
  • Trust Your Analytical Data is Accurate

Dozens and dozens of top-tier VCs have invested in SaaSOptics customers. They love to hear that you use SaaSOptics. Why? Because they can trust what you show them.

Overview Video

1 Minute of Executive Summary, 1 Minute of Process, and 5 Minutes of Screens.

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Metrics and Analytics: Both Simple and Sophisticated


When you start off as a B2B SaaS company, you don't need a significant amount of sophisticated analytics.

However, your needs change as you move from A to B, C, and D rounds, etc. And, investors want to see more insight.

SaaSOptics analytics are simple enough to use under $1M in ARR and are also used by companies over $500M.



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 Metrics and Analytics: Subscription Momentum Report


The Subscription Momentum report shows how your business is performing and calculates 100+ metrics.

As one example, the top panel shows revenue categorized by opening and closing for each period.

It also allows you to expand and drilldown further into new, lost, expanded, and contracted, all the way to the customer level.



What Customers Say:


Subscription Momentum is the Pulse of Your Company

  • Forget Building this Report in a Spreadsheet
  • See New, Lost, Expanded, and Contracted
  • Compare YoY Summaries and Drill into Details

When someone asks you, "Where does that summary of expanded revenue come from?" You just click into the details to see. Now, you are guiding company decisions with clarity.

In-Depth Demo Video

This video covers how you can process sales orders from

It also shows how we automatically create customer, contract, revenue recognition, and invoices.

What Customers Say:

Know Where Churn and CLV are Headed

  • Stop Copy and Pasting Critical Data
  • Always Know Ratios for CAC, LTV, and Renewals
  • See Period over Period Counts and Averages

Every day, over 600 SaaSOptics customers see their customer counts, ARR, MRR, Net Effective Retention, Averages Over Time, and more. They absolutely know where their business is headed.

Metrics and Analytics: Churn and Customer Lifetime Value


You can configure dashboards, like the one below, to include churn and CLV reports. 

The second row shows CLV/CAC Ratio in a chart then a summary of monthly changes to the customer base.

The third row shows which products are growing and shrinking then the CLV/CAC numbers.



What Customers Say:


Metrics and Analytics: Cohort Report


Cohorts represent a group or segment of customers, and these can be used to analyze your customer base a number of ways.

The groups can include by product, channel, and more. Below, there is a break down of revenue by industry.

Besides revenue, these can also show count, variances, percentages for churn or retention, and more.



What Customers Say:


Cohort Analysis - the Yoda to Your Skywalker

  • Quit Fighting the Dark Side of Data
  • See Every Customer Insight Easily
  • Organize by Rep, Industry, Order, & More

Want to slice and dice the data by starting month, duration, period, revenue type, or more? Do it. Then, color code by threshold, and drop reports into role-based dashboards.

Data Driven Projections Instead of Crystal Balls

  • Renewal Modeling is Complex - Gut Feel is Scary
  • Forecast Revenue and Cashflow with Real Data
  • See Projections by Product, Channel, and More

With projections, SaaSOptics lets you generate a separate, "virtual" set of revenue transactions. And, these don't impact existing data. Now, you can truly model future scenarios.

Metrics and Analytics: Projections


To make forecasts or projections of the future, you need to incorporate current contracts, renewals, and new contracts.

The example below shows this. You can see the detail for each customer and how revenue changes over time.

These can be rolled up into summaries, saved as snapshots, and exported to CSV (just like every report).



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Can your spreadsheet do that?

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Overview Video

1 Minute of Executive Summary, 1 Minute of Process Overview, and 5 Minutes of Screens.

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